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November 19, 2020

According to a 2018 study by the Environmental Protection Agency, paper and paper board waste made up more than 23% of the total waste generated annually in the United States. Making up the largest percentage of all waste materials, that’s more than 67 million tons of paper waste per year!

Electronic Submissions

Syncta’s Green Initiative shows owners and testers in the backflow industry the environmental impact of using paper submissions, and how switching to electronic submissions can help reduce your carbon footprint, while also saving you time and money. Submitting test reports electronically not only decreases the time you spend testing, but it also reduces the amount of energy and waste created from paper submissions.

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Testing companies that make the switch from paper to electronic submissions can reduce their annual energy consumption by an average of 168,000 BTUs, which is the same as running 200 loads of laundry. And water purveyors that make the switch to Syncta can reduce their energy consumption by an average of 670,000 BTUs, which is equal to running 800 loads of laundry!

Email Notifications

If you currently send out paper notifications, your pocketbook and mother nature can benefit if you switch to using email notifications in Syncta. Every year, testing companies send out thousands of letters to owners trying to get repeat business. Instead of shelling out more money on paper notifications that might just get thrown away, email notifications can be resent several times without any additional cost. And unlike paper notifications, you can check the status of sent emails to see whether or not they have been opened.

Email Notifications in Dashboard


Purveyors Benefit Too

Purveyors who use Syncta can save even more time and money, while helping the environment too. Purveyors who send out paper notifications that tests are due, and then send out more that tests are past due, may have to send the same notification two or three times to a customer before an assembly actually gets tested. Talk about a waste of time and resources!

Purveyors who currently fill out paper surveys can further benefit by switching to Syncta. Not only can they fill out the survey details directly in the app, they can also email customers if issues were detected that need to be corrected, and show what was found onsite. This translates to even more cost savings, and reduces the purveyor’s carbon footprint in the process.

Water Purveyor’s Submission Portal

If your water purveyor company requires testers to submit tests online through Syncta’s submission portal, you’re helping to reduce the amount of paper used by all of the testers in your area. If testers have the ability to enter test results on their mobile device at each location, and then submit the test report right there, it helps promote the use of those mobile devices instead of using paper test forms.

When purveyors do not offer an online solution, it’s up to the testers to find the best electronic submission system, in which case they might just keep using paper. But when purveyors offer an easy electronic solution, testers might be more inclined to get on board and stop using paper.

Submission Portal


Maximize Efficiency With Routes

Our Routes feature saves your testers and surveyors time, and it helps to reduce the wear and tear on their vehicles. Because assemblies are tested directly in Syncta, testers no longer have to carry a pile of printed test forms with them on a route. And for surveyors, this also means that carrying a bunch of blank surveys is now a thing of the past.

Syncta’s “Optimize Routes” feature organizes stops on a route in the most efficient driving order, which reduces travel time and mileage between stops. Testing companies and water purveyors can also see the stops in Google Maps, and select them in the order that they want them to be tested or surveyed.

Routes Map


Let’s Go!

There are many ways that using Syncta can help your bottom line and the environment too. Want to learn more? Check out our new Green Initiative video for water purveyors and our Go Green video for testing companies too!