March 11th is World Plumber’s Day

Water Stream Image
March 11, 2020

In one of my blog posts last year, I wrote about how there’s a “celebration” day or month for just about everything. Some of them, like National Cheese Day (June 4th), might elicit more excitement than March’s National Celery Month. But others, like today’s World Plumbing day, were created with a greater purpose in mind.

While you might argue that eating mounds of smoked Cheddar and baked Brie contributes to your higher purpose, World Plumber’s Day highlights the “important role plumbing plays in the health, safety, and sustainability of our community.” Created by the UNICEF, “2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, readily available water at home” and in 2015 “663 million people (were) using unsafe drinking water.” And as we’re well aware, this crisis has affected many communities here in the United States too.

As we know in the Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention industry, plumbing and backflow prevention often go hand in hand. And in certain parts of the country, backflow testers are actually required to get a Master Plumber License.

In a recent article in the Backflow Prevention Journal, Sean Cleary, a trainer in the Backflow Prevention industry, makes the case about why plumbers should also become certified backflow testers. His main reason? Someone is going to test backflow assemblies, so why not take advantage of that additional revenue stream?

In the past, we’ve talked to plumbers who say they don’t want to become backflow testers for two reasons: they don’t want to hassle with a mountain of paperwork and they don’t want to pay to get certified. While Syncta can’t help with certification, we can make backflow testing easy and affordable. How? Syncta not only reduces paperwork, but we have plans starting at just $29 per month!

So while we bid adieu to International Awesomeness Day (March 10th), why not take a little time on World Plumber’s Day to see how you can help your community and your bottom line at the same time? Want to learn more about how Syncta can help you? Check out or feel free to contact our Sales team at 888-725-4285, ext. 1 or [email protected].