West Coast Wildfires

Wild Fires
September 16, 2020

For people all over the world, there’s no question that 2020 has been an exceptionally difficult year. Life as we knew it was completely upended last spring. And six months later, it still appears that it will be some time before life gets back to normal.

Even though Syncta is a business, we’re comprised of team members who care deeply about our communities, our fellow employees, and our customers. And when tragedy hits close to home, we feel it’s important to acknowledge what’s happening.

For those of you who don’t know, Syncta is based in Oregon. A week ago, with most of us still working from home, we were warned by local authorities about an impending windstorm that had the potential to result in dangerous conditions across the state and the entire west coast. Unfortunately, their dire predictions came true. Communities all over the state have been devastated by raging wildfires. And the thick smoke in the air has been deemed so hazardous to breathe that we’ve been advised to remain indoors with our windows closed. Our experience here in Oregon is being echoed across California, Washington and Idaho.

Some of our team members have been on high alert for the past week as they were told by local officials to prepare for a possible evacuation. And throughout all of this, they have bravely continued to push forward in their daily lives at home and at work. We have no doubt that similar scenarios have played out across the west coast for some of our customers as well.

We are immensely grateful to all of the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line to help battle and contain the fires across the west coast. As Oregonians, we’re also grateful to the hundreds of out-of-state firefighters who have stepped up and answered our call for help.

As a company full of people who have been affected by the recent fires, we want our customers to know that we understand what you are going through. And mostly importantly, that we stand with you. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have lost loved ones, homes and businesses due to the fires. Words seem wholly inadequate at a time like this. So if you’ve been affected by the recent fires, please reach out to us and let us know so we can help.