Introducing AutoPhil – Syncta’s New Online Submission Tool

November 6, 2019

Here at Syncta, we know that our customers spend a lot of time entering test results into clunky online systems. We understand that frustration, and have been working on a solution to make their lives easier.

Meet Phil

We’re excited to introduce AutoPhil, Syncta’s new feature that reduces the time spent on online submissions by automatically filling in test results and other data that would have otherwise been entered manually. In addition, AutoPhil eliminates duplicate data entry, giving you back time in your workweek. Here’s how AutoPhil works:

  • Log into a purveyor’s online system.
  • Click the AutoPhil button.
  • Phil will take it from there.
  • You can review all test results before submitting, which gives you control over your submission process.

    A Tale of Two Phils

    Philip, our Senior Product Manager, developed this new feature in response to customer frustrations associated with submitting test results online. Of course, the concept of using a tool that populates fields automatically isn’t new. In fact, you may use something similar when you shop online or complete online forms with your name, address, etc. But it was Philip who came up with the idea to utilize the technology in our app to offer a better customer experience. And as Customer Success Manager, I was sold on the idea immediately! Syncta has always been about simplifying backflow testing, so this new feature was the perfect addition to our solution.

    While Philip’s team was busy writing code, the Marketing team got to work on the launch. It was quickly decided to name the feature AutoPhil in honor of its creator. I mean, what are the chances that the person who designed it would also be named Phil? The team even created a character in Philip’s likeness. Take a look at the side by side below. The resemblance is uncanny! And if you haven’t seen it already, check out our new AutoPhil video!

    But What Does the Actual Tool Look Like?

    Now that you’ve met the real Phil, let’s properly introduce you to AutoPhil.

    First, you’ll need to install a Google Chrome extension (don’t worry – we explain how to do it here). If you’re a Pro plan subscriber or you have SynctaOne as part of your subscription plan, AutoPhil is already available to you. And if you’re currently in our 30-day trial, you can try the feature out for free.

    Once you’re logged into a purveyor’s online system, click the AutoPhil extension, select the test from the list and click AutoPhil. Phil will populate the required fields in seconds, and let you know the test is ready for submission. (To learn more about submitting test results using AutoPhil, click here.)

    Which Purveyors Does Phil Work With?

    The AutoPhil tool is a great concept but its only helpful once it works with the purveyor online solutions our customers submit into. And as you probably know, there are a lot of solutions out there, some with multiple versions available. We took multiple criteria into consideration and decided to launch AutoPhil with a single-version software that’s used in various markets across North America. But don’t worry, Phil’s not stopping there! We have a rollout plan for the most common purveyor solutions, which we’ve prioritized based on our customers’ feedback, and we’re diligently working through the list. We expect to add two more purveyor solutions per month until the list is complete. To learn more about AutoPhil and the purveyor solutions on our radar, feel free to reach out using the Chat feature in the bottom right corner of this screen or by calling 888-725-4285.