Watts and Syncta Create a Connected Flood Protection System

Blue Pipes
June 17, 2021

Over the past five years, connected technology and internet-enabled products have become an integral part of our everyday lives. From video doorbells to household appliances, connected products provide us with valuable information, alerts, and allow us to perform tasks remotely through an app on our phone or other device.

While we often hear more about these products for individual consumers, companies like Watts recognize the value of providing connected technology solutions for commercial settings as well. That's why Watts and Syncta recently partnered to create SentryPlus AlertTM Technology, an innovative flood protection system that uses connected technology to detect and protect against excessive Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) discharge.

Our solution works with an automated shutdown valve to stop flooding before it starts. As soon as the system detects excessive backflow relief valve discharge, it automatically shuts off the water supply, and sends real-time alerts via email, text and phone when there is an issue. This allows your backflow preventer to do its job, while providing cost-effective detection and notifications.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the average commercial flood claim between 2011-2015 was almost $90,000. Recovering from a flood is costly for any business. But for small business owners, this loss can be especially devastating. The NFIP says that 25% of small business owners who experience a flood never reopen.

With four different available options, the SentryPlus Alert system allows businesses of all sizes to continuously monitor for potential catastrophic flood conditions. If you do not currently have an RPZ backflow preventer, Watts offers a complete system for flood detection and/or flood protection. If you already have an existing RPZ backflow preventer, Watts offers the only connected flood protection system that can easily upgrade any RPZ backflow preventer to have flood detection and/or protection capabilities. And if your business has fire sprinkler applications, SentryPlus Alert has additional solutions as well.

Visit Watts.com/Connect to learn more about how Watts' smart and connected solutions like the SentryPlus Alert can help you.