Meet Tim – Our New Technical Account Manager

Welcome in green letters
October 23, 2019

Oh, hello there! I didn’t see you for a second. You startled me a bit!

So, you are here to learn a little bit more about me I see? Well, my name is Tim Kamen and as 80’s Rock and Roll Band Journey put it best, I’m just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit. Well I take that back. There really isn’t such a place as “South Detroit.” And as far as midnight trains go, the closest I can say I have come to taking one would be the People Mover from a Red Wings game down at the Old Joe. I was born in Detroit though at Sinai Grace on a cool crisp autumn evening back in 1983. Yeah, I know! I’m old!

I am the lone EST guy on the Syncta team currently residing in Dryden, MI, which is about halfway between Detroit and Flint, with my wife Rachael and our three little Yorkies. We just recently purchased a new home out here on five acres and it’s nice because we have that country seclusion feel, but we are also within 30 minutes of a large city to access shopping and entertainment.

I am a self-proclaimed Professional Amateur Backyard Entrepreneurial BBQer and you can find me smoking delicious meats whenever I get the chance when I am not at work. Aside from that, I enjoy reading, being the coolest nerd you will ever meet, and watching pro wrestling. Yes, I know it is scripted, but it’s still real to me!

Being from the Great Lakes State and so close to the Flint area in general, with all the issues they are having with their water, it drew me towards Syncta and Watts because I felt with the products and technologies they offer, they could be a difference maker getting things on the right track there. Taking pride in what you do as well as in your community is a big plus in my eyes, and is something I feel we both have in common, which makes me believe our partnership together will be one for the ages; like Sonny and Cher or Wayne and Garth if you will.