Meet Van – Our Newest Team Member!

Welcome in green letters
June 12, 2019

Hello, I am Van and a new member to the Syncta team working as a Customer Success Representative.

I have been working in the Customer Experience role for over 10 years and have participated in Customer Support, Account Management and Project Startups. I have a great knack for troubleshooting and resolving issues, and can pretty much get along with anyone. It's this combination that I feel has led me to be successful in many areas in working and being able to communicate with customers as well as managing business needs.

Working at Syncta is exciting. I am learning about a new software product! While learning all about the ins and outs of this backflow management software, I will also be able to teach it to our customers and resolve issues as they happen. I have to say that this software is really catching on in the backflow industry as this product makes the customer’s job easier, so they can accomplish more with less. This is most definitely a win-win situation and I’m very excited to be a part of it working at Syncta.

Finally, summer is upon us. This is my favorite time to enjoy the Northwest. The Portland area just has so much to offer. In my extra time away, I like to go mountain bike riding, hiking and boating. This will be my first year on a boat at the Blues Festival. I also have a passion for cooking and my favorite is barbecuing. If I am not barbecuing at least once a week, I’m not eating right.

Thanks for reading,