New Feature - Grouping Invoices by Service Location

March 27, 2019

Just in time for spring, we've rolled out a new feature that gives you more control over how you run your business - the ability to group invoices by service location.

Grouping Invoices by Customer

We know that no two companies do things the same way. This is especially true when it comes to how you invoice your customers. Previously, you could only group invoices by customer in Syncta. This can be helpful if your customer doesn't have many locations or wants to receive one invoice for all service locations. But for some customers, such as larger customers with many service locations, grouping all invoices by customer means that line items for all tests are included in one invoice, regardless of service location. The following example shows each test as a separate line item, each of which is at a separate service location.


Grouping Invoices by Service Location

After listening to your feedback, we learned that this method didn't work for your customers who wanted to send separate invoices to each of their service locations. For example, let's say that USA Mart's headquarters is at 123 Main Street in Portland, but they have 20 stores at different service locations. Instead of sending one large invoice for all 20 stores to their corporate headquarters, USA Mart wants you to send a separate invoice to each individual store. In this example, when invoices are grouped by service location, line items for each test would be separated by service location, creating 20 separate invoices. The following example shows each test as a separate line item at the same service location.


Changing How You Group Invoices

You can easily change the way you group new invoices by selecting one dropdown option on the Invoicing Options page. It's important to note though that changing this option doesn't change the way existing invoices are grouped. But moving forward, invoices will be grouped by the new method.


For more information about grouping invoices by customer or service location, check out this article on our Help page: Grouping Invoices by Customer or Service Location.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact us via the Chat feature in the bottom right corner of our app or by calling 888-725-4285. We're here to help you get the most out of Syncta, so your business can thrive!