New Training Tools - Part II

September 12, 2019

Last month we introduced you to some new training tools within Syncta. Called "in-app" training, these tools allow you to get information about a certain field instantly or walk you through how to complete a task in real time. Read below for an update about our tool tips and to learn more about our Onboarding Checklist and walk throughs.

Tool Tips

By now, you've likely noticed our tools tips on many pages in the app. In our first blog about our new training tools, we showed you an example of what the little green i icons look like on a page in Syncta. Our hope was that the color would stand out enough so our new users would easily understand to click on the i for more information. However, our more seasoned users found the bright green distracting. Thankfully, they let us know right away so we could adjust the color to make tool tips work better for everyone. After several internal discussions about the nuances of color (yes, that actually happened), we settled on a more subtle gray.

Checklists and Walk Throughs

As I mentioned in the last blog, learning how to use new software is no easy task. And if you don't have the right kind of training early on, the chances are higher you'll become so frustrated that you give up. We understand when a software program contains a lot of features, it can also be daunting to learn how to take full advantage of its capabilities. As a result, our team has spent the last several months exploring ways to improve the onboarding process for our new users. That's where our new walk throughs and Onboarding Checklist come in. Now, when a new user signs up with Syncta, they will see a green checklist icon in the lower left corner of the app.

This checklist contains the top 7-10 tasks that new users need to complete in order to get started in Syncta. Each task contains a walk through, which is real-time training that walks users through step by step how to complete a task. The example above shows the checklist with a 10 at the top. This means that 10 tasks need to be completed. When you click on the icon, you'll see a list of tasks in the order that you need to complete them. As you complete each one, the checklist icon will keep you updated on your progress. And when you're finished, the checklist will disappear.

What Does a Walk Through Look Like?

Once you click on a task, the walk through gives you a brief explanation of the task, and then shows you where to click to navigate to a specific page, and what information you need to enter to complete that task.  

When you complete one task, you've added the information needed to move on to the next task. And when you're all finished, you're ready to start testing backflow assemblies!

Self Help

If you want to revisit any of the walk throughs in the Onboarding Checklist, you can access them any time by clicking the gray Self Help tab on any page in the app. Currently, our Self Help only contains walk throughs from the Onboarding Checklist. But in the coming months, it will contain a whole host of walk throughs on a variety of topics.

Want to know how to create a route or review completed tests? We'll soon have walk throughs for those! In the meantime, if there's a task that you'd like to see as a walk through, don't hesitate to reach out.