Say Hello to Thomas – Our New Inside Sales Representative

Welcome Thomas Sign
March 25, 2020

Hello Everyone,

My name is Thomas Johnson and I’m one of the newest members of the Inside sales Team at Syncta.

I was born and raised in a city south of Houston, Texas in a family of six: mom, dad, two older brothers, one younger sister, and me. And yes - I dislike the Cowboys - ha-ha!

I played Football in a town where games are like college game days. For reference, my stadium could hold about 14,000 people. I was also in the Marching Band as a saxophone player and played some percussion. I also played baseball, ran track, and played soccer. Soccer and track are where I won most of my sports awards. In soccer I was close to going pro, but my age at the time was the deciding factor.

Videogames was a big hobby of mine as a kid. My introduction to video games was the Oregon trail on floppy disk (shows my age). As a kid, I probably loved building Legos the most (my mom thought being an architecture was in my future). I just loved to build and compete each month to have my creation displayed in the back of the Lego magazine. Each month they would select 20 or so kid’s builds that would be featured. I remember when my mother asked me what I wanted for my High school graduation gift I said I wanted a “Lan Party.” Back then before online gaming was a thing, if you wanted to play with multiple Microsoft Xboxes, you had to physically connect them by ethernet cable. I invited over 16 friends, had six tube TV’s, six Xboxes, and as much pizza and snacks as we wanted….no one went to bed. It was the top five best night of my life for sure!

For me, I picked Orlando after high school to attend college. I had protective parents, so arriving the Friday morning before school the following Monday was my first real experience on my own. Orlando taught me a lot, how to make tough choices, and what being out in the real world was like without the safe net of parents. My first job was Circuit City (for those who remember that). It used to be the direct competitor to Best Buy. I was there until the last day that they shut their doors forever. I eventually went on to work for Best Buy as a Home Theater Manager. One fun fact while living in Orlando - I joined a Dance Crew, like you see in the movies of dance battles happening on the Club dance floor. I even with auditioned with a few buddies to be in the Step-Up Movie.

Eventually the opportunity to play for the Portland Timbers is why I moved to the West coast. Let’s just say that trying to move my entire life from one coast to the other in two weeks was very interesting times to say the least.

I have been in sales ever since I’ve started working. There’s something about getting through a customer’s reservations that I’ve always liked. I also met my wife at Best Buy - she was a shopper and I was working that day. I even tried to sell her on why going out with me on a date was a great idea, and now we are happy married.

I’m excited to join the Syncta team! Being in sales is almost apart of who I am. I am taking all the skills I’ve learned from running my own YouTube/Videography business, sales and life experiences and then applying them to Syncta. I’m excited to show what I’m capable of, to be a part of a team, and for us to show potential customers all of the benefits that come with using Syncta!