Welcome Evan - Syncta's Newest Developer

Welcome in green letters
April 8, 2020


My name is Evan Lepolt and I’m one of the newest developers here at Syncta.

Growing up in northwest Ohio, soccer was my sport of choice. I will never know if I chose soccer because of the vast options available in the area, or if it was because it was my dad’s least favorite sport. I played soccer all the way up until high school where I decided it wasn’t enough running, so I picked up both track and cross country.

After high school I attended the University of Cincinnati, following in my brother’s footsteps and studying Computer Engineering. This program required a unique experience called Cooperative Education, which required students to split their time in half each year between school and work. For four months at a time, students would attend classes, then work full time at a company in our field. During the working sections of college was where I first found my love of programming, as I got to go to work every day to program Fantasy Football for FOX Sports.

As graduation approached I heard the mountains calling my name. Two days after graduation, my car was packed with more dreams than belongings, and I made the drive to Denver where I lived on my friend’s couch. Thankfully, it only took a couple of weeks for me to find a job, move into my own place, and officially start my career.

In Denver, soccer managed to find its way back into my life in a big way. In a matter of months after my move, I had joined seven indoor recreational soccer teams, playing five nights a week. And because that still wasn’t enough soccer, I picked up a coaching gig for a couple of seasons with a competitive youth team. I have since hung up the whistle and cut my soccer addiction down to a mere four teams on three nights a week.

Over my professional years, I’ve held a variety of positions, in a variety of programming languages, in a variety of locations. What has always stayed consistent has been my love of solving problems, and making lives easier for the users that my code will affect. This is why I am excited to be here at Syncta, working on a new challenge in an effort to better the products that will help both my coworkers and our end users.