Welcome Fanita Our New Full Stack Engineer

Welcome Message
December 12, 2019

Greetings from Sunny Portland (Wait a minute…sunny…in Portland…in December…)! Yes, I love the sunshine and am grateful for every day it shines, especially in the winter.

I am very happy to be part of the growing team at Syncta. I already see how important our customers’ success is to us by how dedicated everyone is to creating the best product and customer experience in the industry. I am a software developer, working hard to bring you new features and functionality, along with the rest of our dedicated development team.

I grew up in Idaho and Montana, spent time on both coasts, and finally settled in the Pacific Northwest to raise my kids. I graduated with a degree in mathematics, but landed in IT almost directly out of college doing data and systems analysis. I spent many years leading project teams in the large corporate environment, almost all of which involved delivering reporting solutions and business intelligence within the supply chain for an international footwear company. One of my career goals was to develop software, and five years ago, I began doing that full time as a consultant to a couple of small organizations. I thoroughly enjoyed delivering business intelligence solutions to my business stakeholders, but I love developing software that makes my clients’ business processes more efficient. It makes for happy customers and rewarding work!

When I am not working or talking shop with my husband, who also develops software, we are busy raising our kids or taking care of our numerous cats and a puppy (a Bouvier des Flandres… …big teddy bears). Two of our kids are grown and have careers, and the others are in various stages of school. We love spending time enjoying the beauty of the PNW - whether it’s hiking in the gorge, playing at the beach, or just enjoying badminton in our backyard.

Every year our family plans a trip to Boise in the spring to run the Robie Creek Half Marathon. It’s a grueling half marathon (over 2000 feet elevation gain), but a fun way to spend a long weekend with our whole crew! Our youngest kids aren’t quite ready for a half-marathon, but are training during cross-country and track seasons.

My favorite pastime is helping my good friend with her herd of 80+ alpacas. I escape from the city to help her with routine maintenance of the herd, training of the cria (babies), and shearing and preparing the year’s fleeces for show or selling. The calm, tranquil farm allows me to catch my breath from the busyness of life and work!

I look forward to serving Syncta behind the scenes!