Welcome Matt, Our New Customer Success Representative

Welcome with Canada Flag
February 3, 2021

Hi There,

My name is Matt and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Customer Success Team at Syncta.

I grew up in Toronto, and as the only Canadian on the team, I feel privileged to represent Canada. Like many kids in Canada, I was obsessed with hockey, watching it, and playing it on the street and ice. It’s not unusual to see frozen ponds across the country become temporary Ice Hockey Rinks in the winter months, and you can always get a game of Shinny going. For those Americans who don’t know what Shinny is, it’s a lot like pickup basketball – but without the ball – or the basketball net. So really, it’s a game of pickup hockey played on the ice.

I now live in the beautiful city of Burlington with my wife and two sons; the eldest loves drumming and the youngest has a passion for sports. They keep me and my wife very busy and we’re just fine with that.

Music is a big part of my personality and I enjoy it whenever I can, whether it’s listening to it or picking up that Fender Stratocaster and blasting out some riffs. If I really want to annoy the family, I’ll grab that trumpet, which usually gets everyone involved. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons of the year and I like to get out to nature whenever I can, from the roaring waters of Niagara Falls to the forests of Algonquin Park and beyond, there’s no better way to spend it than with family and friends.

My previous career in computer hardware and software support, as well as my knowledge of Web Development has helped me transition into the Syncta Customer Success team. I’m excited to put the skills that I have gained in Customer Support to use here at Syncta. 

We have a great team at Syncta, and I’m striving to be an integral part of it.

Thanks for reading!

– Matt